As a responsible organization we at Maison D’Auraine aim at playing our part by making a real impact on socially relevant concerns. Established in the year 2017, “Auraine - for a Better World” Project associates itself closely with issues affecting environment and society in Asia and other parts of the world.


A healthy body breeds a healthy mind. But health related issues are numerous when it comes to underdeveloped and suppressed parts of the world. We consider health as a primary thrust area of development in meeting our objective of betterment and growth of the society. As part of these health initiatives we plan to organize weekly health check-ups, basic hygiene classes and help provide access to purified water and sanitation with the help of certified health professionals, medical staff and local governing bodies.


The objective of the skill development programme is to enable large number of people across countries to earn a respectful living by taking up relevant jobs specific to the beauty industry. We have technically advanced trainers who impart industry specific training whilst reaching out to untouched parts of India, Asia and other parts of the world and help secure a better livelihood. These courses would cover skill development in personal grooming, haircuts, facials, threading, waxing, bleaching, manicure, and pedicure as well as salon hygiene.


We get inspired to promote sustainable and ecological-friendly environment by our own line of beauty products that are exclusively made while protecting and respecting the environment we live in. Therefore, our constant effort has been on developing community infrastructure and protecting the environment. We are in the process of developing infrastructure that helps in water conservation, product recycling and reducing the carbon footprint from the ecosystem.


We strongly believe that there are ways in which unemployment can be reduced, particularly amongst the youth. We desire to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation for the people coming from various backgrounds. Currently, with our trained teams of industry maestros and scholars, we conduct skill development & entrepreneurship trainings in the field of beauty industry. The objective is to provide creative platform for ideas to grow and aspire young minds to start their own business plans with less fear and more confidence. We are passionately driving this mission and are committed to be a launchpad for the budding entrepreneurs.


We aim to bring in a positive impact on differently abled people by helping them have a better quality of life. Every year in the month of September, we at Auraine undertake a ‘Share a Smile’ campaign. We have partnered with 3 NGO’s across different locations who are dedicatedly working for the welfare of differently abled people across all age-groups.


We, at Auraine family firmly believe in leading the CSR initiative from the front and therefore encourage our employees to actively contribute in education, hygiene knowledge, life skill workshops, physical activities and basic survival skills for underprivileged children by working closely with designated charitable and non-profit organizations.


While women are exponentially adding to the growth of our economy. There are large number of them who are still dependent on their spouse or family members especially in the villages for their survival. We as a company aim to support women in ways that can lead to their growth and automatically make them self-sustainable. Firstly, with the help of reputed non-profit organizations and local governing bodies, we are helping women to generate employment by formation of self-help groups that, through the means of community bonding and oneness focus on areas related to female infanticide, female education especially of school going girls, domestic violence, family planning, pregnancy pre & post care and female trafficking related issues. Our mission is to support the defenders of women’s rights that are striving to create cultures of justice, equality and peace. Another important part of our women empowerment is to encourage them to hone their entrepreneurship skills. We have observed that women at large, face issues due to lack of awareness & information, difficulty in accessibility of finance, shortage of entrepreneurial skill training and post training support, no or less access to market and network groups, low self-confidence and managerial skills etc. At this point, they need ample of support to find suitable means to come with lucrative ideas and support system that lead them towards a path of being financially independent. “We believe key to accelerating the position of women in our society is by creating ample of opportunities for them. We are in the process of capitalizing the potential talent of women who can add very competently to any given task by being resourcefully employed and equally benefited.” Shares, Arpit Jain, Founder, Mason D’Auraine.


Auraine world is committed towards providing immediate solutions pertaining to disasters and calamities occurring in different parts of the world. From medical support to financial support, we are regularly conducting workshops, spreading awareness regarding the precautionary measures to be taken care while preparing to fight and rescue livelihood in such critical conditions. We have always been at the forefront of relief assistance through a multi-directional approach and have pledged men and material towards the relief and rehabilitation of victims in multiple locations. For example, whenever any panic situation arises in calamity prone areas, regular monitoring is done via our dedicated group of volunteers who provide medical assistance.